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Where to purchase Nakisha's Tarot and Oracle card decks -

Direct from the Artist -


Big Cartel

USA - Worldwide Online -

The Game Crafter

Online  Apps -

Phuture Me

Japan -

Chronos Gate Inc.

Prosperity Mana

China -

Make Playing Cards

Land of Tarot

Thailand -

Wonderful Tarot Queen

Tarot Decks are available wholesale direct from the artist, please contact me for more information. If you are a reseller and would like to be included on this list, let me know.

PLEASE - only purchase my tarot decks from shops on this list.
My shop on Etsy is RabbitTarot - any other Etsy or Ebay shop selling my decks are selling bootleg or counterfeit copies that are in violation of my copyright and therefor illegal - you would in essence be purchasing stolen property. The bootleg decks themselves are inferior copies, the images are distorted and card stock is cheap.  I receive zero compensation for sale of these knock offs. Selling my tarot decks allows me to make a living making art, anyone who buys or resells bootleg decks is stealing from the artists- don't do it! If you see questionable decks, please contact me! I actively pursue illegal sales to protect my copyrights. Remember, selling stolen goods online leaves a paper trail that can be shown in court. You can be sued and required to pay compensation including attorney's fees.



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