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Buy Art by Nakisha

Thank you for your interest in owning some of my art!
There are many ways to purchase. By buying from one of the links below, you allow me to continue to work as a full time artist. Please only purchase from these shops and avoid counterfeit decks and art!

DO NOT BUY my decks off AMAZON, TEMU or ALIBABA! I do not sell on these sites, these are illegal Chinese counterfeits!  Please report the listings to me so I can have them removed.

Etsy- RabbitTarot - Tarot and Oracle Card decks and art.

Etsy - Wireanimals - For one of a kind sculpture and mobiles.

Etsy - Randomenvy - For other paintings, landscapes, nudes and older graphic works.

Etsy - Nakisha - For ephemera jewelry, vintage finds, vintage art and books.

Bluedogrose on Big Cartel
Tarot Decks by Nakisha

Canvas Art Prints of Nakisha's Art
ICanvas - Art prints on canvas.

Storybird - wirte a story using art by Nakisha.

Spoonflower - fabric and more with Nakisha's art.

The Game Crafter - Tarot Decks, worldwide shipping.

Phuture Me - Download an app with Nakisha's Tarot and Oracle Decks.

International places to purchase Tarot and Oracle Decks

Click here if you are interesed in commissioning an original or custom work of art.

Please Note-
My tarot shop on Etsy is RabbitTarot - any other Etsy or Ebay shop selling my decks are almost always selling counterfeit copies that are in violation of my copyright and therefor illegal - you would in essence be purchasing stolen property. These counterfeit decks are inferior copies, the images are distorted and card stock is cheap.  Selling my tarot decks allows me to make a living making art, anyone who buys or resells counterfeit decks is stealing from the artists- don't do it!

If you see questionable decks, please contact me! I actively pursue illegal sales to protect my copyrights.


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