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Commissions for Original or Custom Art by Nakisha

The time I have to spend on making art is very precious to me. Please don't be offended if I cannot do what you are requesting! If you are serious about commissioning me to make art, (sculpture or painting) here is the information.

At this time I rarely accept new comissions. I am often booked out months in advance, but have many completed works available for immediate purchase. Please click here to purchase available art.

Commission Agreement and Information
By requesting this commission you understand and agree to the following:

* The original artwork by Nakisha is her artistic interpretation and not guaranteed to be a realistic or photographic representation.

* Digital images of the artwork shown for client approval may vary slightly in color due to differences in computer monitors.

* Payment is due at the time of completion, including any applicable tax, shipping or delivery costs and insurance. I will accept payment in the form of cash (when hand delivered), and Paypal. Paypal can process credit card payments.

* Larger and more elaborate works require a deposit of 50% of item cost, due before creation.

* If you chose not to purchase the completed artwork, Nakisha may dispose of the artwork as she sees fit, including: selling, modifying, recycling or destroying it. Any deposits made are non-refundable.

* Nakisha retains all copyrights and reproduction rights to the original artwork.

* All sales are final.

Information I need to start a Commission:

* Type of artwork desired.

* Size of the artwork. Are you willing to go larger or smaller if necessary? Any preference for horizontal or vertical orientation, hanging or free standing?

* Description of the artwork desired. Be as detailed as possible.

* Colors you like or dislike? Other paintings or sculptures you like (by me or other artists)? This often gives me a starting point creatively.

* Budget- is there a certain price range you are looking for? (This may affect the size or complexity of the finished piece.)

* Time- do you need the work completed by a specific date?

* Your contact information- your name and email.

Please contact me with your commission request. I respond to all legitimate requests within a day or two. I reserve the right to refuse any commission request I feel unable to complete for any reason. You may also contact me through my etsy shop.


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