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Badgers Forest Tarot Cards

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The Badgers Forest Tarot

This art tarot deck is based on traditional tarot decks - with a twist. In this tarot, badgers are swords, foxes are cups, rabbits are wands and crows are pentacles. The major arcana includes; deer, bison, elk, ground hogs, chipmunks, opossums, bears and more. The backs are reversible and the cards are numbered and named for easy reference.

This is the fourth Tarot deck created by Nakisha, and the first in the "traditional" tarot size. It is now available in Full Tarot, Playing Card and Mini sizes. The decks are professionally printed in full color with reversible backs.

78 brand new beautiful works of art have been created by Nakisha for this deck, taking three years to complete.

Click here for basic one sheet of card meanings (.pdf file)

The Badgers Forest Tarot was created with the generous support of Nakisha's fans and supporters through Kickstarter. Without their help, encouragement and selfless generosity this deck would have never have been so successful. A special thank you to these backers for making this deck possible!
(names listed randomly)

Melinda McBride
Matt Adrian
Justine Jones
Monster Alice
Wendy Steiger
Nicole Pepper
Deke Keener
Moti Black
Becca Fraser
Jill Richards
Jessie SK
mimi boothby
Elizabeth Berg
Laura Thurmond
Jessica Fure
Steven Reddy
Patricia Anahata Little, LMP
Tierney Sadler
Nancy Guidry
Joe Ricci
Melani Weber
Annie Dunlop
Fiona Crane
Dan S
Monty E.
Janet Stebbins
Kymmi Tuttle
Debi Scott
Raymond Ghirardo
Helga Sprung
Laurie MacDougall
Judith Van Noate
Liz Coleman
Sharon Ricci
In Loving Memory of Mazzy
Mark Taormino



Lynn Turner
Allen Garvin
Donna Ryan
Zach Barnhartt
Tracy Martin
Tammy Dove
Leslie R. Hunter
Bolt and Frolic
Christine Jeannetot
Dyann J. Callahan
Barbra Barkus
Stefan Spelkens
Mona Sterling
Rebecca Kohn
Daniel Harper
Andrew Iverson
Jo Hinde
Marianne Heggernes
Jann Selleck
Jon Bocknek
Sandra B.
Jessica Lynn
S. Jordan
Inner Whispers
Terri Cook
Martha Darden
Melanie Rahr
Laura Osborne
Tanya Vanderhoeven
Sherrie Vitulli
Faunus Family
Molly Goike
Laura Kuhn
Sue Wolfsong
Johnny Ricci




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