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Rabbit Tarot Cards

The Second edition of The Rabbit Tarot is almost SOLD OUT!

Please consider supporting my kickstarter to fund the next Edition of the Rabbit Tarot-

Looking for the meanings of the cards?
Click THIS LINK, Adobe Acrobat Reader required. (prints on 6 pages, no images).

"The Rabbit Tarot should not be overlooked. It lends itself to just about any reading situation, be it divination, meditation, or a complete toolbox for personal transformation. It is nothing short of brilliant."-Dan Pelletier, The Tarot Garden.

The artist Nakisha has been reading tarot cards over 20 years. In January, 2009 she began work on the Rabbit Tarot. Eventually the project consisted of 78 unique images, including the classic 22 Major Arcana and the 56 Minor Arcana, all re imagined into the world of the Little White Rabbit.

The Rabbit Tarot features the Little White Rabbit and the Dutch (black and white) Rabbit. Instead of pentacles there are daisies, instead of swords there are carrots, tulips are cups and sticks are clubs.

This unique tarot deck is appropriate for all ages, especially those who collect tarot cards, rabbit fanciers, art collectors and the young at heart.

For more, you can read the interview about Nakisha and the tarot on Arcanalogue-

You may purchase the Rabbit Tarot Deck and various Rabbit Tarot decks and other items in Nakisha's Etsy shop

The Rabbit Tarot companion Book the Second Edition, with updated descriptions and images, is available for purchase direct from the printer, click THIS LINK to purchase.

The First Edition may be found on Ebay or offered for sale from private collectors, only 300 decks of the first edition were printed. The second edition does not have the black borders or the large text and numbers printed on the cards.

2013- A mini version of the Rabbit Tarot was created. The cards are apx. 2.5" high by 1.75" wide (6.25 x 4.44cm). It may be available online at

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Featured Card from the Rabbit Tarot

The Wheel of Fortune
the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

The Wheel of Fortune is the rabbit of change. Fate, destiny, kismet and luck are all tied into the pivotal points of the wheel, and pulling this card indicates a turning point, literally. There may be a coming together of people or an event that precipitates change.





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