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Major Arcana

The Rabbit Tarot- The Major Arcana

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the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

0 - The Fool

This foolish rabbit is impulsive and unrestrained. This card often signifies irrational people or actions that are not thought out. It sometimes heralds a new and sometimes risky venture, a flight of fancy, or an act of carelessness.  Though possibly a lot of fun, the Fool is not to be taken too seriously, and signifies impulsive joy, excitement or play without thought to consequences.

Reversed: In the reversed position this card can mean reckless, frenzied or unthinking actions or events. It can be read as cautionary, as a need to take things more seriously or with more gravitas.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

1 - The Magician

The Magician is a clever and talented rabbit. This card indicates skilled actions or a confident and talented person. There is mastery and capability in the efforts of the Magician. Though they know what they are doing, their reasons are not always apparent. This card may be telling the reader to act in a clever way to overcome obstacles.

Reversed: When reversed this card often means the reader is being tricked or deceived by another, clever person. There could be slight of hand or deception taking place, or manipulation by others.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

2 - The High Priestess

The High Priestess is a wise and reserved rabbit. This card can refer to a stern individual that comes across as being emotionless or cold on the surface, but is also swift to act and severe in judgment. The High Priestess encourages patience, common sense and careful study, as well as holding one's emotions in check and not acting rashly.

Reversed: The High Priestess when reversed can indicate physical illness or an inability to share emotions. It could also indicate a desire to withdraw from busy social situations, and a need to be alone and reflect on internal doings.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

3 - The Empress

The Empress is a powerful and fickle rabbit. This card often indicates an accomplished woman in a position of authority, or a mother, daughter, sister or wife. Feminine yet not weak, the Empress rules her world with her heart and her mind, and enjoys the finer things in life.

Reversed:The Empress can indicate being smothered or oppressed when reversed. It can refer to someone using guilt to control others, or trying to influence others with beauty, friendship, or favors.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

4 - The Emperor

The Emperor is a powerful and stern rabbit. Confidant and accomplished, the Emperor can also refer to a father, son, brother or husband.  The Emperor is used to getting what he wants and controlling a situation, but can be fair in asserting his authority.

Reversed: The Emperor when reversed can indicate a position of oppression, or of being dominated by an arrogant or wealthy dictator.  The Emperor in this position can also refer to an unfair balance of power.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

5 - The Hierophant

The Hierophant is a mysterious and wise rabbit. His advice can be inspired, yet oftentimes hard to hear or understand. This card can also indicate actions with far reaching consequences, small steps towards bigger efforts that may not be obvious. 

Reversed: The Hierophant, when reversed, can indicate an inability to see the facts or be realistic about a situation. It also may point to the presence of fear or superstition that is not beneficial.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

6 -The Lovers

The Lovers are a close pair of rabbits. This card speaks to the heart, love, relationships and the significant other. The Lovers are often an indication of happiness and closeness, physical beauty, emotional fulfillment and passion.

Reversed: Reversed, the Lovers often indicate strife or jealousy. There can be temptation, a question of trust or a feeling of being lost in another. It may be that the feelings felt for another are one sided and not reciprocated.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

7 -The Chariot

The rabbit in the Chariot is a force to be reckoned with. Almost always, the Chariot indicates an inevitable event or process that cannot be reversed.  It can also refer to travel, or a sudden positive change in work, relationships or the home life.

Reversed: The Chariot when reversed indicates a lack of control over the change that is happening or is about to happen. It can be a sudden event that is accompanied with turmoil, flight, or indecision and upset.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

8 -Strength

Strength is a subtle and powerful rabbit. Courageous, determined and mindful, Strength indicates physical strength, fortitude, and conquest over adversity. It can indicate accomplishment or attainment after difficulty.  Strength takes charge of a situation or responsibility for actions.

Reversed: When Strength is reversed it can mean being overpowered or overwhelmed, not being in control, or struggling with adversity.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

9 -The Hermit

The Hermit is a reclusive and solitary rabbit. This card calls for introspection, solitude and careful thinking of the situation at hand. It can refer to a loner, a misunderstood individual or someone fearful of being misunderstood.

Reversed: The Hermit when reversed can indicate an unhealthy withdrawal, loneliness or isolation. It can also mean depression, unhappiness and illness.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

10 -Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is the rabbit of change. Fate, destiny, kismet and luck are all tied into the pivotal points of the wheel, and pulling this card indicates a turning point, literally. There may be a coming together of people or an event that precipitates change.

Reversed: When the Wheel of Fortune is reversed, the meaning stays the same, but the changes taking place may be unexpected or unprecedented.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

11- Justice

The Justice rabbit is definitive and insightful. This card calls for fairness, balance, harmony and honor. Justice is empirical and relies on fact to make decisions. It is good to step back and weight the pros and cons of the situation at hand when this card is drawn.

Reversed: Justice inversed can mean unbalance, unfairness and biased actions. It could mean a judgment against the reader, or a fact coming to light that changes a decision.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

12 -The Hanged Rabbit

The Hanged Rabbit is a rabbit in the state of being held back. There may be an inability or unwillingness to move forward, a suspension of effort, or indecisiveness. It can refer to a frustrating situation, and a lack of progress.

Reversed: When the Hanged Rabbit is reversed it points to the reader being controlled by others or restrained by circumstances beyond their control.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

13 - Death

The rabbit of Death is a rabbit of transformation. It can mean a sudden and unexpected change or a definitive decision. It can mean the ending of a life, or a relationship, loss of a job or of faith. It indicates change that is final and irreversible, and possibly damaging or scarring.

Reversed: When Death is reversed it can mean transcending from one state to another, beginning to move on, and the completion of something that was causing suffering or unhappiness.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

14 - Temperance

The Temperance rabbit is one of balance. She encourages patience, moderation and the avoidance of extremes. This card recommends compromise and acceptance and fairness in all relationships.

Reversed: Temperance, when reversed, implies overindulgence, gluttony or greed which causes imbalance. It can mean excess in emotion, consumption or unrealistic feelings towards work or love.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

15 - The Devil

The Devil rabbit is one of temptation and malevolent influence. He encourages selfishness and self satisfaction. This card can refer to an unsettling event or a feeling of evil or dread. It warns against following without questioning, relying on advice that is untrustworthy, or believing in the superficial.

Reversed: The reversed Devil gives insights that may benefit the reader, if one sees it for what it is. The reversed Devil can mean clarity, seeing evil at work, or catching a damaging plan before it comes to fruition.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

16 - The Tower

The rabbit in the Tower heralds a sudden disruption, epiphany or event. It can signal a visitor, a disaster or a situation breaking down. It spells trouble for relationships, a literal shaking up of the household or living situation, or abandonment of a long held idea.

Reversed: The Tower means painful change that is necessary and unstoppable when reversed. It's best to see the events as a cathartic clearing of the air and removing of obstacles in order to move ahead.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

17 - The Star

The Star rabbit shines on secrets and gives hope. The star can guide you to new horizons, and heralds the completion of hard work or an end to strife or effort. The star brings elements from the future and past together in a bright event or moment.

Reversed: The reversed Star can mean false hope, misguided direction or wishful thinking. The ideas referred to by the reversed Star are not to be trusted and may only indicate half truths or impossibilities.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

18 - The Moon

The Moon rabbit is fickle and ever changing. It is a cautionary card, indicating errors, mistakes, trickery and ulterior motives. The moon can mean a selfish and lazy person or an emotional outburst. Never trust the sincerity of the moon.

Reversed: The  Moon when reversed can mean  that feelings of doubt or dread should be heeded. It is a warning against trusting another's integrity or profession of strong emotions, as they are libel to change.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

19 - The Sun

The Sun rabbit is bright and austere. The sun is success, happiness, and warmth, good friendship and genuine feelings. It radiates charm and beauty and indicates devotion, growth and enlightenment.

Reversed: The Sun when reversed can be blinding. It indicates overindulgence in pleasure or holding on to euphoric feelings in absence of true emotions. It can mean something is too good to be true.


the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

20 - Judgment

The Judgment rabbit is a wake up call. The blast of the horn symbolizes awakening, and can also be a call to action.  It can indicate an important opportunity or decision and also announce a coming event of some significance.

Reversed:The reversed Judgment calls for penance, time to forgive, apologize or admit wrongs. It also means facing up to the truth of the matter and taking responsibility.

the Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha

21 - The World

This rabbit has the World at its feet, gathering and considering everything. It is the ultimate card around which everything revolves, and is an indication of completion and fulfillment. It calls for taking control and the ability to make accurate decisions and see every opportunity. This card when reversed has essentially the same meaning, but the view is different.




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